Blackness Project informal draft

Blackness Project informal draft

What is the “deep story” of the people speaking in the Blackness Project film? What do the speakers in the film and the professionals of color interviewed in the New York Times piece want viewers to understand about their experience of being raced and how race – despite being an invented concept – nevertheless shapes their realities?

The deep story of people speaking in the Blackness Project film is about how these individuals deal with and continue to deal with racism in everyday life. These people being interviewed were extremely passionate about the message they were attempting to portray about racism in the world. The people in the film were trying to get the viewers to understand that their experiences with racism is harmful and completely and one hundred percent unnecessary.

To connect your work to our essential questions, explain the Blackness Project speakers’ beliefs about the privileges and costs of being raced black as well as their attitudes towards institutions of power (for example, governments, police forces, businesses, media, schools.)

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