Free write identity

Free write identity

Joey Abely


After reading A Toast Story there were certain concepts that pointed me in the right direction about finding my identity. One of those concepts included perseverance. Giulietta Carrelli had shown that after persevering through tough times to find her identity. She would often have to sleep at her work, in her own coffee shop, and even sometimes on the beach just to make it to the next day. But finally after all of that perseverance her boss suggested one day, “ … it was probably time she opened up her own place” (Gravois). Another concept shown in the article is to never forget where you’re from. Carrelli ended up leaving San Francisco and then traveling to many different parts of the United States of America but then came back and got her life back on track when she arrived back to California. A last concept that was included was to keep friends close because they are key to finding your identity. After Carrelli left San Francisco one of the driving forces bringing her back was her friend Glen. Unfortunately after the opening of Carrelli’s very own coffee shop her friend Glen passed away and was unable to see some of her best accomplishments.

This drives me to a conclusion that understanding your identity is extremely difficult. That last short paragraph took me over 52 minutes to write and that is not even about my identity. To finish off the last 6 minutes of this free write I am basically just going to write about my overall thoughts of identity. I feel as though your identity is different depending on where you are and what you mean other people. Obviously to the government I’m just a 9 digit long code  of numbers know to the general public as a Social Security Number. But in my home town of Franklin Massachusetts I am know as Abes or jabely. My identity at school is Bro (due to the amount of times that comes up in a sentence while talking to me)


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  1. My bad, it looks like you did categorize this post.

    You have some interesting concepts to work with in that first paragraph. I’d like to see them more fleshed out – use the prompts in the homework assignment to help you better understand these ideas and apply them to our essential questions.

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