ENG hw 4/11/19

ENG hw 4/11/19

Joey Abely



Dr. Drown

Racism today

In both cases regarding race each side seem to come an agreeance on the fact that they are not treated well. For an example on the Whiteness Project Alfredo a young white male who is registers culturally as hispanic says, “I identify as culturally Hispanic.. but what color am I? White, and I feel like I am treated that way sometimes…”. This is different in which Alfredo being white wants to be accepted as his culture, hispanic, but seems to be neglected that opportunity due to his skin color. This next example gets to me the most and I am sure it will get to you as well; in the Blackness Project a young African American female named Nacole was

just about to have a baby and was talking to her boss about the newborn and family leave policy at the company, and he responded by saying, “Who keeps your job because you just had a baby? “Oh well why don’t you just leave him in the cage because that’s where he will be when he gets older”. With this response not only did it shock everybody in the workplace and everybody who soon learned about it but it shocks me and should shock you as well. It should not only shock you because of the rude remark made but because of the nature in the boss for saying that. It makes you wonder how and why and how some human of some sort of authority thinks like that. It should also make you scared for the fact that that statement said would be even a thought let alone said out loud to the individual in a professional setting. With that being said the Blackness project also talk about having to deal with this in everyday life.  The deep story of people speaking in the Blackness Project film is about how these individuals deal with and continue to deal with racism in everyday life. These people being interviewed were extremely passionate about the message they were attempting to portray about racism in the world. The people in the film were trying to get the viewers to understand that their experiences with racism is harmful and completely and one hundred percent unnecessary.


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